The Hebrew AlefBet v 2.0

Last week I posted the first installation of my Hebrew AlefBet module (1.1). After having found a slight error and chatting with some folks about how to make the module more helpful, I did an update. So, now I have developed the Hebrew AlefBet 2.0 model. It includes the Hebrew alphabet, transliterated letters and audio files for each letter. The module is also interactive and allows you to hear the letters pronounced and navigate from letter to letter. I may add one more feature to the AlefBet model in the near future, although, I am not positive about that. I plan to create a Greek AlphaBeta module soon as well. Watch the blog for updates and additions. Feedback and comments are always appreciated. Oh yeah, the programs are open source (or free/shareware) so, feel free to distribute and use them in their current forms. To get the updated module, click on the "alefbet 2.0" icon in the right-hand column of this blog. Be blessed and be a blessing!

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