Be My Guest...Seriously

Ahh, come on, hundreds of you have viewed the blog since yesterday's post but only a handful of you have commented, we can do better than that, surely. If you can find a minute, please, say a bit about yourself in yesterday's comment section. Thanks.


  1. Michael,

    You may be fighting a losing battle. I've never had more than 5-10% of my readers leave a comment.


  2. true!!!!
    i think you're right, i get about the same percentage.

  3. 1- Name - Jean-S├ębastien Hubert
    2- Location -Paris France
    3- Age 33

    I am just an average christian who is trying to reallocate to New York when I find a job, also starting a module on New testament in off-site course in London School of Theology and currently working in IT