Greek AlphaBeta 1.0

A number of weeks ago, I released my Hebrew AlefBet 2.0 module, an interactive interface that allows one to learn the Hebrew alphabet. You can still download that for free by clicking on the icon in the right hand column of this blog. Also, you may distribute it freely in its current form.

Today, I am releasing a similar module: Greek Alphabeta 1.0. It is interactive, has audio and one-touch clicking. Feel free to download and distribute this module as well, in its current form. You can download it by clicking the icon in the right hand column. Let me know if you find it helpful, have any comments or suggestions. Hope you find this useful!

***Note: Shortly after I posted this, I made a brief update to the AlphaBeta module. I know that a few people downloaded the interface before the update, so, I just wanted to inform you that one slight change had been made. Thus, you may want to get the updated version in addition to or as a replacement of your first download.

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