Enjoy Your Baby : A Poem

Today, my daughter turned 6 weeks old. Wow. I was holding her tonight and at one point, she just stared at me; it was a brilliant moment. Her big blue eyes are so beautiful. We had been out to dinner earlier that evening and the gentleman at the table next to me turned and said, "Enjoy it and let me tell you, that little girl is going to have you wrapped around her finger, I know, I've had three of them." My wife replied, "I think he's already wrapped around her little finger." She was right.

Usually, I try to post my own poetry on Sundays. However, in this entry, I want to post one of my grandpa's poems (I got all three of his poetry books after he passed away; until then I had no idea he was a poet; they are prized possessions in my book collection!). Anyways, the poem is below and I am sure that many of you can relate:

Enjoy Your Baby

Your baby is quite little now
But she will soon grow up

She will occupy her chair so high
And walk before you know it
And as she bites the furniture
Her teeth marks sure will show it

And when she learns to talk
You'll wish she'd never had her say
And she will ask a thousand things
You can't explain away

Then suddenly your girl will sprout
In body and in knowledge
And you'll discover that
She is prepared to go to college

So keep your baby while you can
And feed her with a spoon
A little one is precious but
She grows up all too soon

--Francis "Smitty" Smith

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