A New Resource: Linguistic & Grammatical Glossary

Readers of Pisteuomen: In addition to the interactive Greek and Hebrew alphabet modules that I have created, my Theological German Daily widget and my slideshow presentations of Greece & Turkey (Greece slideshow will be posted in the future), I have now put together a Linguistic & Grammatical Glossary that I am offering here on Pisteuomen, free of charge. The Glossary contains more than 150 terms that langauge students (especially the serious Bible student) will find helpful. I built the Glossary with an eye towards English, Koine, Hebrew, French and German. You can download the Glossary and share it freely, as long as you do not manipulate or change it from its current state. Click the icon below (which will also be located at the top of the middle column of this page from now on) to get the download. Hope this helps some of you in your studies; any comments would be appreciated. Enjoy.

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