Theological German Daily: A New Widget

Readers of Pisteuomen: I have developed a new widget that you may add--free of charge of course--to your website. The widget is "Theological German Daily." Every day the widget produces a new theological German term w/definition or a grammar/reading tip. The widget is placed in the middle column of Pisteuomen and can be obtained by simply clicking the icon beneath the widget that says "get widget." You don't have to paste any code or anything into your blog, simply click the "get widget" icon (make sure you're logged into blogger) and when you do a list will appear that aks you to choose which type of site you want it installed on. Select the site type and the widget will self-install; it's that easy. I have also set it up to where you can customize the widget to fit your site's taste and format (click the edit/tool icon to do this once you have installed the widget). Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for developing this vocabulary tool. I added it to my Google homepage, but "Wordpress" was not a choice, so I didn't know how to put it on Theological German. I did post a notice, though, to my readers on the "Reference (Sprache)" page.

  2. Mark, thanks for the mention. I hope this tool proves helpful for some people. In two days, I’ve had about 13 downloads. I know you said you were unable to find an installation link for wordpress. The way around that is to click “get code” on that page and then just past that code on your page, that is, if you want to put it on wordpress. anyways, thanks again for the mention on your resources page.