West & Bird: Bouts Over Bultmann

A couple of days ago, Mike Bird wrote a post evaluating one of theology's most influential fellows: Rudolf Bultmann. Though Bird admitted to liking Bultmann's TDNT entries, he had much more to say concerning his dislikes towards Bultmann. He listed the following 7 items:

I find his existential Deism nauseating.
2. There is more to Romans than a diatribe.
3. His History of the Synoptic Tradition asserted more than it argued and is methodologically defunct.
4. There never was a Gnostic Redeemer myth nor was there ever any proof for it in the first. 5. He was wrong to cordon off Christianity into Palestinian, Hellenistic, and Gentile varieties.
6. His depiction of Judaism as pure legalism is both inaccurate and has had horrendous effects in Pauline studies.
7. His best book A Theology of the New Testament gives us 30 pages about Jesus and 120 about a fictitious Hellenistic Community.

A bit bothered by these caricatures, Jim West decided to reply with a post of his own (to which Bird replied). In my estimation, I think they both offer some great arguments! Anyways, check out the conversation for yourself. For Bird's first post, click the following link: Bultmann Evaluated. For West's reply (and Bird's retort), click this link: Response to Anit-Bultmannianism. Enjoy.

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