Winner of October's Bible Belt

I have decided to forego my monthly "Fav 5" post on Pisteuomen. Actually, I am keeping the content of the post but I am changing the name.

The new name will be The Monthly "Bible Belt" award. While I will still list my favorite 5 blog posts written by other bloggers, each month I will award the Bible Belt to my favorite post of the month. That said, the first winner of the Pisteuomen International Blogging Bible Belt is (drumroll please): Nick Norelli (not that you really care). Anyways, to read his post, click the following link: An Interview... And thanks for the good post, I loved it! 4 other posts I that I really enjoyed are:

#2. Lingamish: Photos of Mozambique

#3. Jim West: The Sponge of Jesus

#4. Ben Witherington: Beautiful Turkey

#5. J. Montgomery: Of Kilts & Burgundy Robes


  1. First and foremost I would like to thank God for giving me the ability and wit (as well as the insanity and boredom) to conduct an interview with myself.

    I would like to thank the Academy for their recognition of a life's worth of work all culminated in this interview.

    I would like to thank that bishop in the picture with me (age 14) for inspiring me to leave the RCC because after seeing him, I never wanted to grow old and have to wear silly red robes.

    And last but certainly not least I'd like to thank T. Michael W. Halcomb for honoring me with this coveted belt and also for having so many initials in his name -- awesome stuff -- you could be a Spaniard. :^D

  2. Nick,
    God loves you and says, "You're very welcome" (at least that's what Perry Stone told me God said).

    As for the academy and the bishop, they would be proud of you.

    As for me, well, my mom couldn't decide which family members to name me after, so, she picked a bunch. What I would give to be a Spaniard or even more, a Turk!

    Friend, you did well with the auto-interview. Keep it up.