English2Greek Type Tool

Readers of Pisteuomen,

I am pleased to announce the development of a new widget. The name of the widget that I have created is English2Greek 1.0. This tool can be installed on your site in less than a minute and allows you to easily convert English text to Greek text without ever having to leave your site/blog. The widget is located in the middle column of Pisteuomen. To get it, simply click the "get widget" button. Also, if you'd like, you can give it a trye before adding it to your site. Enjoy!


  1. Here's another widget you should make: Greek-to-German vocabulary. Use Wieland Willker's vocabulary list--you can find the link on my theological german site on the "Reviews and Recommendations" page.

  2. FC,

    I may do this; actually, it wouldn't be that difficult. Thanks for the suggestion.