Destructive Dispensationalism: "It is time for a pre-emptive strike on Iran..."

As most of the world knows, Iran's president Ahmi...whatever his name is, spoke at Colombia University last week. Of course, this brought many protesters out of the woodworks and it raised many questions about freedom (e.g. Do non-American citizens simply get American rights when they step on to American soil?). Yet, another thing that his visit did was that it exposed John Hagee's CUFI organziation. If you aren't familiar with John Hagee or CUFI, well, you've been fortunate. However, Hagee is making a strong impression on many Evangelicals around the world, especially in the US. The whole of Hagee's ministry revolves around a religio-political scheme. His end-times, Dispensational theology in a nutshell, is: For Christ to come, a few things need to take place: 1. The Jews need to be put back and kept back in Israel, 2. America needs to make that happen, 3. To make that happen, America needs to bomb Iran so that they can't prevent the Jews from living in Israel (hence the subtitle of this post, Hagee's words), 4. This war initiated by America on behalf of Israel, which is against Iran, will be the beginning of Armageddon, and 5. Armageddon must commence for Christ to come back/return to earth.

That is the short of it. In my opinion, every single Christian in the world, especially those living in America, needs to be knowledgeable on this subject. Hagee's movement is becoming a political power-house. Presidential candidate Joe Lieberman is even in on all of this, he is ready to strike Iran (J. McCane is also involved with CUFI). Lieberman even calls Hagee a man of God, a man who has even surpassed Moses! I was stunned when I heard that. Anyways, if you have 20 or so minutes, you can get a full rundown, an in-depth look at all of this. Last night, Bill Moyers devoted nearly 3/4's of his show to it. Below, I have included the show (divided into 3 short portions). Please, please, please, take the time to educate yourself and others on this subject--we Christians need to be aware of what is going on! If you don't have time to watch all 3 parts, at least watch part 3!!! Honestly, it is high time to dispense with Dispensationalism; as far as I can tell, this divisive and destructive theology is the only thing that needs blown up!

Part 1: Talk of the Town


  1. There is a transcript beneath each QuickTime window, for those who read more efficiently than we can listen...

  2. WSK,
    thanks for the link, glad you're interested! this is some important stuff!