Brian Russell on Church Planting

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading through Dr. Brian Russell's website (Real Meal Ministries) and I came across a very interesting post on Church planting. In the post, Dr. Russell argues that "planting" is an outmoded and outdated metaphor for this generation. He contends that, in a mobilized, on-the-go society, being planted or rooted in one place just isn't appealing. Honestly, Dr. Russell has some great thoughts here. I wonder, though, if people in this on-the-go society need to slow down sometimes, or even stop, and settle down and bring some "stability" to their lives? If so, maybe the plant metaphor isn't a bad one afterall. Anyways, check out his article. Click the following link to read it: Russell: A Church Plant Is A Poinsettia.

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