A few of questions: 1) Has anyone out there had experience with the adoption process, and if so, would you be willing to offer some tips? and 2) Does anyone out there gone through a Christian adoption agency and if so, would you reccomend them? 3) Has anyone out there indirectly gone through the adoption process (as in, you had a relative do it or something like that) and you know of an organization (Christian or not) that you would reccomend? My wife and I are looking into adoption and the whole process that comes with it and we want to be prepared. Any insights and leads would be great. Thanks.


  1. Michael,

    The adoption process is long, frustrating, and worth every minute of it. I confess, I am probably out of the loop as my two guys are in their 20s, things have probably changed. I don't know whether you have my e-mail - it is monkeyltd@comcst.net. This conversation may expand beyond a comment or two. There are case studies to be had with social worker visits. Lots of waiting, waiting and more waiting - not unlike other pregnancies. A lot depends on certain choices. We decided to look widely and in the long run, Tim and Matt joined our family from Taiwan. Local cross-racial adoptions are a little less frought with red tape, but there are issues about race that will come up. In the states, we found Lutheran Social Services pretty helpful - at least honest, but again that was a generation ago.. In Taiwan, we worked with a group called Christian salvation Service (started as Mustard Seed). With them, my guess is it takes a year or so, maybe more. I can put you in touch. A lot of this process has to do with choices a family makes - m/f, healthy (at birth)/special needs, cross-racial, local/international, open/closed, etc. The list goes on. Good luck on the process, I will be happy to talk with you further more directly.

    Note, we are all adopted.

    Grace and Peace,


  2. Mike,

    Vickie and I have been looking into the process for several months now and there is alot of information available out there. I have a friend who is going through it now and has an excellent website about it - http://adoptionmusings.wordpress.com/ . I know he would be more than willing to share information with you. Also, A Helping Hand Adoption Agency in Lexington has gotten good reviews from everyone I have talked to. I have met a couple of their people as well. A great book we picked up was "Successful Adoption: A Guide For Christian Families" by Gillespie.

    It is great to hear you guys are thinking about adoption...be very prayerful and patient.


  3. John,

    Thanks so much for your insight, I probably will continue this convo with you via email.


    I see you all the time, so, maybe we'll talk more about it in person.

    Thanks guys.