God Looks, Thinks & Acts Just Like Me

(An off-rhythm, off-the-cuff poem)

If you traveled through time and
Through many places
If you were looking for Jesus
You’d see a man of many faces

If you asked an ancient Roman
They’d say He was a crook
If now you asked a little child
They’d say a character in their book

If you asked a group in Africa
They might say that Christ had dreads
If you went into a white Church
Well, they’d put blonde hair upon His head

If you asked someone who’s poor
They might tell you Christ was just like them
If you asked a well-to-do
They’d tell you: “He’s my best friend”

If you spoke to someone who’d been attacked
They might speak of Christ the judge
If you asked Mr. Middleclass
He might tell you Christ is love

If you spoke to Michelangelo
He’d paint a picture of bearded might
If you spoke with a conservative
They’d say Jesus is on the right

If you spoke with a Baptist
Then you’d know what Jesus was like
If you spoke with the Christian Church
Then Jesus was a Campbellite

If you spoke with an artist
Then they’d say that God’s “Creator”
If you talked with special interest groups
Then you’d learn that God is just a hater

If you spoke with an atheist
Then God would be nowhere
If you spoke with a contemplative
Then God would be now here

If you spoke with a believer
They’d say Jesus held their beliefs
If you proved that concept wrong
Still many would not concede

If we were to take just a moment
To travel on within
If we’d be honest with ourselves
Then, and only then,

We’d realize that we make God to be like us
That we create Him in our image and likeness
That we shape Him into the spiritual replica of our ideal selves
That we’ve concocted so many answers to “Who do you say I am?”
That we have fashioned for ourselves a God we can relate to, our very own God
That we’ve had the tendency throughout time and the world to do this
That we think, when compared to all others, we’ve got a corner on God
That, perhaps, we need to reconsider, just who God is

--TMW Halcomb (2008)

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