Jesus Keeps the Money Comin'

I'm not going to say much about it because the interview speaks for itself but you have got to see Nightline's sit-down session with Creflo Dollar. Personally, I think Dollar is full of it. When I first became a Christian, I went to one of his conferences in Cincinnati, OH. For the first full hour, people were dancing, falling down, speaking in tongues, etc. Then he came out and talked about nothing but money. When he gave the call for offering, I kid you not, gallon buckets were filled and the blue-carpeted altar was no longer visible as it was covered with green dollar bills. I heard him talk about his jets and his cars and that's when I left. Ridiculous I tell you, ridiculous. Here's the Nigthline link, please watch it: Dollar On Nightline.

Also, while you're at it, check out this video (titled "Money Comin'") that Dollar made with some young rappers from his congregation, the group is named Ziklag. How about that line where the rappers say: "I'll never be poor another day of my life, I'll never be sick another day of my life."

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