Turkey Bids Again

After a number of tries to become part of the EU, Turkey is putting in their bid again. Today, President Bush actually pushed for Turkey's inclusion. Honestly, having been to Turkey, having read it's political history and having talked to Turkish folk, I think it is about time that they be included. While it may add a more secular tint to the country--which, in fact, may prove better for Christians living there, often amongst persecution, which many Turks don't want to acknowledge still exists--being part of the EU will be a good thing!!! Inclusion in the EU may also bring some calm to what is or at least is often made to seem like extremism on behalf of Turkey's Muslim leaders. Without a doubt, it will bring some more hope and structure to the country's financial situation. Anyways, we'll see what happens and despite the fact that my opinion means nothing to anyone, I think it's about time that they be "let in".

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