A Youth Ministry Tool...Created By Me

Check out this youth ministry tool I created; I think it's pretty cool (click the icon below to download it). It can be used as both an online website/webpage or it can be put on a disk, usb drive, etc. and given to the teens in your ministry so that they can distribute it to their friends. It's a tech savvy way to spread the word about your YM and get in-touch with teens in your area. If you're a youth minister and you'd like me to personalize one of these for your youth group/ministry, leave a comment or email me. I am willing to do this at a very low price. (If it didn't take time to do these things, I wouldn't charge a red cent.) Still, even though it takes some time, the turnaround would be incredibly fast! If you're interested, get ahold of me. Blessings. (*Note: This has also been added to the "Misc." page/tab.)

Youth Ministry / Youth Group Tool

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