Pisteuomen Is Getting Revamped

So, if you've reached my blog and can read this post at all, you're fortunate. Among a couple of other odd things I encountered this morning (1. When I stopped to ask a guy for directions, he began his reply with "Okay, don't take me seriously on this..." and 2. The fellow next to me in the Post Office bought $5,400 worth of stamps...insane!!!), when I checked my blog, it was all screwed up. Many of the elements that make up its appearance and keep it functioning had stopped working (as you can tell!). So, I think this post will have to be it for today because I must redesign the site. Oh, one piece of good news: I got another review book in the mail today: Four Views on the Warning Passages in Hebrews. Sounds interesting. Anyway, have a good one. -TMWH

*Note: The site has been updated, hope you like it!

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