"Big Sin" Meme

So, once again I've been hit up with a meme...this time from Owen. The idea of the meme is to answer the question: "If I am going to be taken out of the ministry because of one sin, what would it be?" This is actually both a tricky and scary question. It's tricky because in my view, it depends on the kind of ministry / local Church you're serving in. For example, in a former congregation that I've been a part of, the culture was rural, conservative and formal. Elsewhere, the context is more urban, open-minded and casual. It goes without saying that, I could do some things in the latter that I could not do in the former and vice versa. The question is scary because it takes putting yourself out there on the line. Anyway...to my answer:

If I am going to be taken out of the ministry because of one sin, it would actually be something I don't consider a sin: deviation from orthodox / traditional Christian views. A number of times, my vocation has been on the line because I have been a progressive thinker. I question all views and don't like easy answers. There have been quite a few times when, before I preached a sermon, I've told my wife: "I think there's a good chance I may be asked to resign after today's message."

Anyway, while that's not so much a "sin" in my eyes, it is one of the biggest hurdles I have faced as a minister. Once again, I tag: Nobody!


  1. You and me both. Although I would classify myself as Orthodox, as we have talked about, I am definitely not one to tow the traditional line if I see a reason otherwise. So my you my empathy, brother.

    Oh, and I would not have tagged you, but I was interested in your answer.

  2. owen,
    it's all good...tag away.

    as for the rest of your comment, what more can i say or what more can i add to that?