Our Adoption Is "Up And Rolling" Again

Today has been an incredibly busy day so far (it's 3:45 pm) and there's still a lot to do (e.g. Small Groups tonight, band practice, etc.). One of the things we did today was have our first of two meetings with the social worker who is updating our "home study". We had completed this in KY but since we moved to MI, much had to be updated. Thankfully, we've jumped this hurdle and can begin to move on. If all goes as planned, we should have our dossier to Ethiopia by mid-February. From there, it's only more of a waiting game as we wait for our child referral and then our travel to Ethiopia. I must say, however, that getting the ball rolling again has been tough and tedious and that it's certainly a kind of weight lifted off of our shoulders. We're excited about meeting our future son!!! Oh yeah, another weight has been lifted off of my shoulders as I got my flight for SBL booked and am pretty sure that I found a roomate! Good things are happening!

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