Bloggers At SBL: Shall We Set A Date?

A number of biblica / biblio bloggers have been wondering if there is going to be any type of lunch, dinner or get-together this year at SBL. Since Dr. J will be in absentia, he has abstained from making plans for the rest of us. And since nobody else has taken it upon themselves to make plans (as far as I know), I thought I would pose the question(s) here and get the ball rolling. So, shall we set a date to meet? I think we should.

Perhaps, sometime Saturday afternoon or evening would work. Of course, there's probably always going to be persons who cannot make or who cannot stay very long but something's better than nothing, right? So, if something has already been set, please let me know about it and disregard this post's content. If not, perhaps we can answer these questions and have a few people do some research:

1. When, if any at all, is there a nice break between or after sessions on Saturday that would give us ample time to meet?

2. Who would be willing to pick a restaurant in downtown Boston?

3. If you are interested in coming, would you comment here so that we can give the restaurant a head's up?

This is just a start, I know, but it's getting the ball rolling. If nothing else, maybe we could meet in the evening at someone's room and chat for a bit. Any thoughts, comments, etc.?


  1. If it is on Saturday evening I won't be able to make it. But otherwise I definitely plan to attend!

  2. I'd love to join in on whatever, for sure.

  3. James & Josh,
    Let's shoot for Saturday afternoon then! Do either of you have a schedule to see when there is a break and how long it is?

  4. Well that's a shame; I expect to be busy Saturday afternoon and definitely will be in the evening. I'd vote for Sunday evening, but whatever you decide, I'll try to make it.

  5. Ken,
    Well, Sunday may work better for everyone. I'll post 2 or 3 times on the blog tomorrow to see what seems to be the best, in general.

  6. One more reason to wish I was coming. See y'all next year in 'Nawlins. ;)