Death Threats At Pisteuomen

Some time ago (back on July 31st to be exact) someone landed on my site by searching for "Eric Sowell". That was immediately followed by another search which led to Pisteuomen as well, googled this time were the words: "worst ways to die in the wild". I warned Mr. Sowell that someone might be gunnin' for him and that it might be in his best interest to watch his back. Dying in the wild would totally suck!!! Well, perhaps I should speak for myself now. Today I had a person google "theology of Christian funerals" which landed them at my site and right after that, another google result that led to Pisteuomen was: "Michael Halcomb murdered". I don't know what this is all about but I'm beginning not to like it!!! Who's next?


  1. I see several options for you, and there are many more:

    1. Go into hiding.
    2. Get your dna altered so that you become a mutant with the power of invulnerability.
    3. Get hit with large doses of gamma radiation so that you turn into an invulnerable, green monster.
    4. Hire bodyguards.
    5. Become invisible.
    6. Become someone really powerful in our government, like president, find out the ip address of the searcher, and have them assassinated.

    I went with #2.

  2. oh, you sci-fi cronies!!! but i'm sure glad it's working out for you!