Visiting Eerdmans & Baker Publishing Co.

Grand Rapids, MI, has been called the "Christian Publishing House of the World". It's probably true as Eerdmans, Baker, Zondervan, Kregel & other publishing houses have offices and warehouses there. Today I took a little trip north to check things out for myself. I was a bit let down when both Zondervan and Kregel informed me that they no longer had baragain / used book stores or locations. So, a friend and I ventured on to Eerdmans and then to Baker. I must say, I was also let down by Baker. There problem is that they have tons of books but they're all quite expensive for being used or damaged (or old). But alas, to save the day was Eerdmans!!! Their bookstore was great! I could have spent much more time and money in there than I did. But here's what I got for $25:

* Andrew D. Clarke: Serve the Community of the Church ($10.00)
* Francis Watson: Paul, Judaism and the Gentiles, Rev. Ed. ($9.60)
* Angelo Cardinal Scola: The Nuptial Mystery ($2.90)
* Gerd Ludemann: The Unholy in Holy Scripture ($1.00)

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