Eating Ethiopian Trash: New, Help Korah Video

Man, I just cannot explain how my life has been affected by my visit to the community of Korah in Ethiopia, all I can really say is that my heart has truly been burdened for these people. While others long to help different persons and communities in Ethiopia, Korah weighs on my heart. So, I am attempting to raise awareness and support for the 80,000 people who make up this community of societal outcasts. I've now added a blog to the site, we've started getting Awareness Team members, I've been in contact with some of the leaders from Great Hope Church in the last couple of days and I've created a new video. To see the video, which has some moving pictures--even of the people descending upon the city's trash dump--click on the Korah Ribbon below and it will take you to the site:

The video is also on YouTube. You can find that link on the website as well. Join the TEAM, help us get the word out!!!

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