"Tweet for Korah" Update

For the "Tweet for Korah" campaign, so far today we have raised $215. Our goal is $400, so, we're over half of the way there!!! Also, another goal was to, by the end of the day, have 25 people on the Awareness Team. Right now, we have 18, so, we need 7 more. All that we ask of you as a Team member is, if you are on Facebook or Twitter, to use your status to mention Korah during our campaigns and then, if you have a blog, just to write a blog post (you can even copy one from the website) about Korah. That's it!!! Also we had a goal to gain at least 10 more blog followers, so far, we're still where we started: 20.

More than anything, though, we just wanted to raise awareness. We have done that tremendously so far! Twitter & Facebook have spread the word about Korah like I could never have imagined. This is also evidenced by visitors to the website. So far today, we've had about 250 visits. I anticipate many more by the time the day is over. This means that in 2 and 1/2 weeks, HelpKorah has seen close to 1,200 visitors!!!

Please, keep in mind why we are doing this. It's for the destitute of Korah. It's for the kids who scavenge in the dump every day. It's for the children orphaned because their parents died of HIV/AIDS. It's for the widows. It's for those without a voice and those shoved into the margins and city dumps. Please, help! Click the following link and join the team, follow the blog and/or donate: HelpKorah.

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