Tweet for Korah: The Results (I think)

Holding a fundraising campaign for another part of the world right in the midst of an earthquaking event that shook Haiti was not easy. Honestly, I questioned whether or not I should put the campaign on pause. My conviction, though, is that while God and many of His people do have their eye Haiti at this moment, the world still turns and over in Ethiopia, there are 80,000 people who will continue to go unnoticed. Natural disasters will always happen and we cannot let the fear of what "might" or "might not" happen, stop us from doing good. So, we proceeded with the fundraiser.

We had several goals and while we didn't hit our targets on all of them, we must keep in mind that they were very "high" goals when we take everything into consideration. It's better to aim high rather than low. So, here's the results by the numbers:

We picked up 3 new Awareness Team members, which brings us to a total 0f 20, which is just 5 short of our target. We also picked up 3 new blog followers, which lands us at 23; this is 7 short of our target. We raised $264, which is 66% of our goal and only $124 short of our target!!! I am amazed, truly amazed that we raised this much in our first online campaign!!! We had, in 12 hours, 250+ visits to the site, which brought us up to over 1,250. Keep in mind that's the total for a website that has only been up 2 and 1/2 weeks (on the 19th).

Just as well, we were successful in a number of other areas. For example, many new blog posts were written, many tweets were sent out and many people mentioned the campaign on Facebook. I cannot express the joy this all brings me. The campaign was a total success and I cannot wait for the kids at Great Hope Church to get their shoes. Many of you have asked how they will get them. There are 2 ways this may happen: 1) I know 3 people who are going over in the next 5 weeks, 1 a family friend and another a Team Member; it may work out where they can purchase the shoes when they arrive there and then, deliver them to Great Hope; 2) I may just purchase them on my trip in July and deliver them.

Finally, I should say that if anyone is interested in giving even though the campaign is over, I will leave the button and meter up for a couple more days. If you are interested in giving but are reticent due to some organizations that have taken advantage of people in these sorts of things, I am willing to share all records and receipts with those who donated or those who are wanting to. In the end, I would just like to say thanks to everyone who helped, whether it was by word of mouth, social media, advertising or giving. You have truly blessed Korah and edified the Body of Christ. To check out the Korah site, click the following link: HelpKorah.

Thanks so much.
-Michael Halcomb

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