How To Take Care Of A Kid With A Broken Leg

So, when a kid breaks a leg, things in the household definitely change. You quickly learn that bathing your child and moving them around the house from place-to-place (especially to the restroom) becomes a big challenge. So, I came up with a creative and comfortable way to move our kid around with much more ease. What I did was make a sort of sliding cart, much like a sled with wheels. It is low to the ground (for easy transport from the floor, beanbag, restroom, etc.), long enough to stretch out one's legs, easy to pull, nice & warm looking and comfortable. To add a little fun to it we call it the "special special chair". It took about an hour's worth of construction time and cost less than $30 to make (the actual chair was the most expensive part), which is much less expensive than a wagon or something else you can purchase, plus, as I said before, it's lower to the ground and also it has no railing, which makes it easy to get in and out of. Here's the list of materials to make one and you can also see the construction process below the list:

* 2 packs of 1-24 x 1-1/4 Combo Round w/Nut Zinc Bolts ($2 at Lowes)
* 1 piece of 28 in. x 21 in. plywood ($3-4 at Lowes)
* 4 wheels ($2.50 at Lowes)
* 1 piece of rope / string
* Padded material ($5 at WalMart)
* Folding, Padded Seat ($16 at WalMart)

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