SBL Proposal Accepted

I just got word that my paper proposal for the 2010 Midwest Region SBL was accepted. The conference is February 12-14, 2010 at Valparaiso University in (of course) Valparaiso, Indiana. The paper was accepted in the "Paul Section". This is my 2nd SBL presentation and I plan on presenting also at the EGL Regional in April, which will be my 3rd (and maybe 4th SBL presentations). The email says this: "Congratulations! I am happy to inform you that your paper has been accepted for presentation at the Midwest SBL. Time allotted for each paper is 30 minutes, which include the discussion time. Please allow at least 5 minutes of discussion time at the end of your paper. You must register to be able to present your paper."

The title of my paper is:
“All Things To All People”: Rethinking the Social Context of a Pauline Axiom"

Here's a portion of my abstract:

"Traditionally, Paul’s remarks in 1 Cor. 9.20-27 have been interpreted 1) From Paul’s
point-of-view, and 2) through a positive, homophilial lens. As a result, evangelical exegetes have tended to place themselves in Paul’s shoes when they read this passage and have even developed entire missiological systems based on the Apostle’s declaration that he becomes like those that he is attempting to win. Though Paul’s statements concerning his evangelistic endeavors are usually seen by modern Westerners as admirable and taken as a touchstone for approaches to outreach, this paper argues that in Paul’s first-century context, Mediterranean audiences would have had quite the opposite reaction..."

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