Tweet for Korah Tomorrow

First of all, don’t forget that tomorrow morning at 9am, our HelpKorah campaign titled “Tweet for Korah: The SHOE Campaign” begins. There are 4 goals we are attempting to reach:

1) To raise more awareness on the net through Twitter, Facebook, blogs, website and other social media. We will gauge this first of all by how many visits we get from Monday morning through Wednesday. Currently, the site has been up 2 weeks and 3 days and we’ve had 1,000 visitors. So, we’ll see what the stats are like after Wednesday and I’ll report on Thursday morning.
2) To gain at least 6 more members to our Awareness Team. Currently, we have 19, so, 25 is the goal.
3) To gain at least 10 more blog followers. Currently, we have 20 (19 of Facebook/BlogNetworks and 1 on GoogleFriendConnect). This would bring us to 30 blog followers.
4) To raise $400 of which 100% of the proceeds will go towards purchasing shoes for those in Korah.

As you can see, this campaign is very “Awareness Focused”. All of us can raise awareness without spending a dime!!! So, if you would, please help out. Also, I will report the giving and new team members statistics in real-time, so, you can follow me on Twitter (Michael Halcomb), watch the Fundraiser meter (to which I have put $5 in the pot to start us off) and the tweet stream on the Korah website (both on the right hand side of the page). Again, I will report the visitor stats on Thursday.

If you wish to donate, it is VERY easy. You can do it through Paypal directly or through Twitter (which I have linked up to Twitpay). There is a button for either choice above the fundraiser meter on the site. Click either of them for more directions. Or, simply follow the Twitter directions on the image above and tweet this: #Korah twitpay @HelpKorah $5

(Of course, you would put whatever number you wanted after the $)

So, here’s hoping for a Great Awareness Day. Let’s make this thing happen, friends…people are counting on us!!!

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