Gospel of Philip Vs. 17

I was reading the Gospel of Philip this morning and I came across this verse, which I thought was quite interesting:

17. Some said that Mary conceived by the Holy
Spirit. They are in error. They do not understand what
they say. When did a woman ever conceive by a woman?
Mary at the same time is the immaculacy, which
was not defiled by violence.

She is a great temptation to Hebrews, both to
those who preach and to those who listen to their

Her immaculacy, which was not defiled by violence,
is pure. But the mighty of this world defiled
themselves (through their fantasies).
And the Lord (Jesus Christ) would not have said,
“My Father Who is in Heaven,” if He had not had another
father. He would have said simply: “My father”.

Many modern scholars have re-adopted this image of the Spirit as Feminine. What do you make of this trend today and what do you think of this passage in the Gospel of Philip?


  1. WOW! I guess that their is really nothing new under the sun. Philip was gnostic, so I can understand the viewpoint.

    It seems to me that gnosticism is on the comeback!

  2. Well, some things may be new but I definitely get what you're saying.

  3. That's a pretty interesting text. Never read that one. Will have to keep that in a note somewhere...

    Why are scholars going that direction? Is it just a feminism thing, or is there actually a good reason?

  4. Eric,

    Yes, the whole text is quite interesting. I think scholars w/the Spirit are going that direction in large part because of the tides of feminism. I also think they are trying to have a more wholistic view of God. These endeavors are not bad in and of themselves but like many things, they often go overboard or to extremes. I think people like Moltmann have great things to say on this, as they are picking up on feminine imagery w/the Spirit. I don't subscribe to all of it though.