Tears Of A Teenage Mother

Yesterday, I spent about 30-40 minutes in the Kalamazoo library. During my brief stint there, I picked up a book I had not yet read, Tupac Shakur's, The Rose That Grew From Concrete. One of my favorite poems was "Tears Of A Teenage Mother". Here are the very simple, yet, very profound words:

He's braggin about his new Jordan's
The baby just ran out of milk
He's buyin gold every two weeks
The baby just ran out of Pampers
He's buyin clothes for his new girl
and the baby just ran out of medicine
You ask for money for the baby?
The daddy just ran out the door


  1. I'm not sure what's more sad. The content of the poem or that you consider this poetry :)

  2. Eric,

    You're surely right that the content is sad. But given Pac's context, this poetry is an everyday reality for many. It is beautiful, even rhythmic poetry because it is soul-touching and truth-telling.