Only In KY or I Was So Ticked

So, every night we put the baby down for bed at 9pm. Usually, it is a pretty pleasant undertaking. However, tonight (Tuesday), almost as soon as I laid the baby in her crib, one of my neighbors, no joke, fired up his lawn mower. I thought they were probably just going to load it in a truck and haul it away or something but no, he decided to mow for an entire hour. I was fuming. I walked outside once and stood there with the baby, about 20 ft. away, just staring and he did nothing. He just kept mowing. I couldn't believe it. "Only in KY" I thought. Seriously, who mows from 9-10pm in a neighborhood setting? I was so ticked, honestly, I haven't been that upset in a long time. The baby finally fell asleep at 10:15, soon after the mower was shut off.


  1. an ordinance is much needed that states "no lawn mowing whatsoever after 7:30 each night" :-)

  2. amen to that. i was livid. i'm calm now though.