Is Going Against Conscience Going Against God?

When I was a young Christian, there were many things that I considered sinful. For example, I might have considered stepping on the Bible a sin (probably not, but let's stick with the scenario). So, I tried my best to avoid that "sin". However, as I progressed in my faith, I no longer viewed that as a sin. Of course, I'm not going to go around stepping on Bibles but neither would I consider it a sin if I did step on a Bible.

Here's my question: If I had purposefully stepped on a Bible when I was younger in my faith, when I thought it was a sin, would I really be committing a sin? It has long been said that sinning against one's conscience is equal to sinning against God. But I'm not so sure that this is true. Just because I thought something was a sin early on, doesn't mean that it really ever was a sin. I was just wrong in my thinking about that issue.

So, what do you think: Is sinning against conscience the same thing as sinning against God? I mean, what if God doesn't consider a sin, what you or I consider a sin? Then, how can it be sinning against God still? Just a thought, I'd love to hear your view(s).


  1. If you commit what you believe is a sin, even if it isn't, are you not showing the willingness to disobey God?

    In short, I would say it isn't the act itself but it is the very fact that you were willing to do something you thought was wrong.

  2. Owen,

    But does it really matter if, in the end, it wasn't wrong after all?

  3. I cannot see it as a sin. It is an ethical concern, as Owen said, that you would have been willing to do something that you yourself thought was wrong. Turn it around. If when younger you thought something not a sin, but did it anyway and later in life you realized it as a sin, was it not still a sin when you committed it? Or is ignorance truly bliss?