Will There Be Animals In Heaven?

At various points in my pastorate, persons have asked me the question "Will there be animals in heaven?" My answer to that goes something like this:

When we read the Scriptures, you might be surprised to find out that very little is said about a place referred to as heaven. Usually, heaven is mentioned not as a place in the sky somewhere but simply as the location of God's dwelling; it is a way to refer to God's presence. In fact, what the Bible has to say about the afterlife is not that we will all dwell in a far off world but that when Christ returns, this earth, like our bodies, will be transformed (hence, the NT language of the "new heaven" and "new earth"). And since all creation will be transformed, this includes trees and yes, even animals. So, the question is not "Will there be animals in heaven?" but rather, "Will there be animals in the afterlife?" To that, I believe we can answer yes.


  1. I agree animals will be there. Heaven wouldn't be heaven without Delilah - and Gemima...:)

  2. You will have annoyed Jim West with this view (a worthy thing in itself), but see my take on it here