"Hey Night" : The Musical Michael Halcomb, Pt. 4

It is hard to believe that next month my wife and I will celebrate our 5-year anniversary. Time flies!!! We met each other while working at a youth camp in Indiana (Springhill/In-Pursuit). When I first approached her, she wasn't hearin' me at all. Later in the summer, though, I won a date with her and the rest is history. This is a song I wrote shortly after that when I was traveling around with my buddy playing lots of shows. The title of the song is "Hey Night" and basically, it just talks about the first night we hung out and how it was just perfect; I wanted time to stop. While traveling, this quickly became a crowd favorite; it was one of my favorites to perform as well. This particular recording is from a show done in Baltimore, MD. Enjoy.


  1. Hey Michael, have Kristi check her Facebook. Her maiden name is Jones, right? I worked at a camp called In Pursuit with her summer 2001. We have a mutual Facebook friend named Lee Sisk and I added her. I'll send you an add request too bro. I looked where it compared Lydia to you and Kristi on your blog and found that it was her. I remember she was SO ENCOURAGING to me at camp. I am so glad God brought you two together, and look forward to hopefully meeting you guys someday!

    Your bro in Christ,

  2. Clint,
    You've found the right people. Yes, I'm Kristi's husband. She's excited that you've contacted her. She'll reach you via Facebook soon she says. Thanks for the encouragement. Blessings.

  3. xaosmMichael,

    I Love this song, the words are beautiful, as is your voice of course. These 5 years have went by so fast, I love you all.

    Love, Mom