Only In KY or Let There Be Light

So, last night I had a neighbor fire up his mower at 9pm and mow until 10pm. As I said in my post about that, I was pretty frustrated. We put the baby down at 9pm every night and that surely interrupted her routine. Anyway, I'm beginning to wonder if we're getting punked because lo and behold, tonight at 9pm, KY Utilities pulls up beside our house with two trucks making all kinds of noise. Why did they come? To change a light bulb that has been flickering for about a year (or more). I went and asked if they were going to be long, they assured me that they'd be quick. They stuck around for a bit, at least long enough for me to grab the camera and take a few snapshots. I don't know what's going on because typically, everyone's in by 9pm and settled down in this town/neighborhood. Only in KY!!! (Photo taken at 9:30pm.)