The 10 Stupidest Doctrines

Here, in my opinion, are the 10 stupidest doctrines (or teachings) that people have based on the Bible. What say you?

1. The Rapture
2. Forbiddance of Inter-ethnic/racial persons
3. Forbiddance of instruments during worship
4. Name it and claim it
5. CUFI (or anything Hagee)
6. Anti-Semitism
7. The Swoon Theory
8. Universalism
9. Mandatory %10 Tithe
10. Once Saved, Always Saved


  1. Good list although I don't really think the rapture is that stupid and definitely not #1 (although I don't agree with it). I can see how some people might believe in something like the rapture.

    I might replace it with cessasionism and patriarchalism (and it's various forms like complementarianism). I would also add determinism and many of the doctrines in TULIP.

    BTW if you add in teachings then that opens the discussion a whole lot to add heresies and lieral view of the Bible.


  2. Bryan,

    some good thoughts; cessasionism crossed my mind after publishing the post. i'm right there w/you on determinism as well (& TULIP).

    I can see how persons are led into believing the rapture but I think it is sooooooo foolish. I really do think it is #1 or right up there. By the way, I didn't order these in a ranked type of way. I just meant to offer a list of 10, although, looking back at it, I probably would rank them in a very similar order :)

    BTW, I try to distinguish between "literal" and "wooden literal" as I think it is helpful. When I read the Bible I read it in its literal context/genre, how it was meant to be read. What I don't do is read it wooden literally, where trees literally have hands to clap, etc. Anyway...