Blogger Michael Halcomb Makes New Da Vinci Discovery

Dan Brown's Da Vinci discovery was only the start of miraculous things found in the painting. Following Brown, the Italian computer guru Slavisa Pesci claimed to find hidden persons in the picture. I poked fun at that claim in a post titled Da Vinci Againci. Following Pesci, and just days ago, another Italian (what is it with these Italians?), this time a musician named Pala, has found a musical score in the painting. Wow :)

But what about me? What about my discovery? Why has it not been promoted? Here's how my discovery came about:

I went to Rome, photographed the painting, came home and began to fiddle with it in Adobe Photoshop. I tried a few tricks such as inverting the photo, rotating it 45 degrees, changing the hue / tone, and surprisingly, nothing worked. However, when I used my special effects "blogger lens" tool, something amazing happened: The painting totally changed.

From left to right, the faces of numerous bloggers appeared to be having dinner with Jesus: Chris Tilling, Jacob P. Breeze, Nick Norelli, Jason Gaines (the youth minister at the Church where I serve...he is peeking through the window), Me (Michael Halcomb), Josh McManaway and a younger, much more desirable Jim West. Incredible. I did notice, though, that of everyone in the painting, I am located closest to Jesus--that's only to be expected. Ironically, Tilling is the farthest away from Him--again, that's only to be expected!

I don't know about you but I definitely think this is newsworthy! So bring on the cameras CNN and as for the rest of you, let's make this discovery of mine known!


  1. well played!

  2. I remember that meal well... I couldn't quite get past Jesus serving all that soggy bread. :(

    And people tell me I have too much times on my hands... lol

    Great stuff!

  3. You remember the meal...!!??

    Jesus tried to get me to partake of the cup and I was like, "Come on JC, you know how I feel about wine and all..."

    BTW, Nick, you ever write or do any rap of your own?

  4. hold on

    you guys listen to rap?

    that would make 3 of us. very interesting...

  5. What do you mean, you went to Rome and photographed the painting? It actually resides in Milano! Great Photoshop work all the same, What can we deduce from the feet? Jesus seems to have very feminine feet for a guy who spent his life walking the dusty roads of Galilee and Judaea.

  6. Jacob,
    Actually, I don't listen to much rap anymore. Secular is too profane & Christian is too cheezy. I have performed & written a lot of rap. Since I got out of college though, I have not done that. In fact, my old partner in rap is movin' up; he's incredible and I'm not just saying that. He is by far the best Christian rap artist I've ever heard...no kidding! He's deep and not hokey...he's the real deal when it comes to Christian oriented rap. I'll advertise his album soon, I think.

    You're on to me. The "Rome" slip up shows my ignorance of the whole thing. :) As per Jesus' feet, looks like He might need to clip those toe nails.

  7. TMWH,

    I don't write so much any more although I did when I first got saved. Before my conversion I recorded a full length album and was 90% done with my second project -- we (= me and my 'crew') spent a couple of years trying to get record/label deals -- it seems that God had other plans for me.

    Now-a-days if/when I rhyme it's usually just freestyle.


    I still listen to secular rap (although I didn't for a couple of years) and sadly I have to agree with TMWH that most Christian rap is too cheesy, except of course for Stephen the Levite (of Redeemed Thought), and Trip Lee.

    BTW, Michael, you've been tagged

  8. Nick and Michael,

    My favorite rap stuff is:

    Aesop Rock, Cannibal Ox, Danger Doom, Deltron 3030, El-P, Murs, P.O.S., Rob Sonic, Sole, Sonic Sum, and of course Wu-Tang Clan.

    Obviously the underground/Def Jux stuff is up my alley. I don't listen to "christian hip hop" because most of it is stupid lyrically. I don't like mainstream "secular hip hop" for the same reasons - except they talk about different things, but in equally dumb ways.

    Aesop Rock, El-P, and Wu-Tang Clan are my top 3.