Flying With Mormons

So, on my flight out of Salt Lake City, I got seated next to a mormon girl, 22-years old, who worked for a real estate company. We didn't talk much but I did ask her some questions about her religious persuasions. At one point, I asked, "So, are you serious about your religion?" She replied, "Yeah, I'm very serious about it." A few moments later, I asked her, "So, do you consider yourself a Christian?" She struggled to answer. I interjected, "...You know, some mormons do not differentiate between mormonism and Christianity, do you?" Again, she struggled. Then, she finally replied, "I really don't know that much about mormonism or Christianity."

Sound familiar?


  1. Sadly, it sounds all too familiar.

    Where do you come in on the 'are Mormons Christian?' question?

    I have to say no for what I feel are obvious reasons, reasons that I won't list here, but there are many folks who believe that anyone who claims to follow/worship/believe in Christ is a Christian. I'd say fine to that with a qualifier -- it has to be the Christ of the Bible.

  2. Nick,

    It is interesting that you raise this question, I say this because, a few days ago, you argued that the "inerrancy" of the Bible was not an essential. Here, though, you suggest that when it comes to all things Christ-shaped, the Bible must be inerrant (at least that's what it sounds like you're saying). (By the way, I'm not attacking you at all, just raising questions, please know this.) Can you speak to this?

    As for me, I am hesitant to reject "every" person who is labeled mormon as a Christian. I brought this up because I had a mormon say to me once, "As a minister, you better never teach that mormons aren't Christians." I disagreed with him because sometimes they are not. For me, I guess the only way I can answer it is: Just like there will be persons who fall within the Baptist category, the Presbyterian, the Catholic, etc. categories, there will probably also be some from the mormon category who will dwell eternally with Christ. I think it is too dangerous to lump them all together but by the same token, neither can you separate them from the lump sum of the rest of Christendom.

    Does that answer your question? Looking forward to hearing your response.

  3. TMWH,

    I don't believe that the Bible has to be strictly inerrant for it to be supremely authoritative. But my position doesn't require inerrancy as much as it does historical veracity. The New Testament is simply the best portrait of Jesus we have from the ancient world (IMO).

    Now I don't personally seperate the 'Historical Jesus' and the 'Christ of faith' because I believe that from the testimony we have this is the Jesus that exist(s/ed). In my mind this is of the utmost importance because there was/is only one Jesus that died for us, there was/is only one Jesus that saves -- so it is imperative to know the one we have placed our faith in.

    So again, it's about authority as opposed to inerrancy in this situation. Hope that clears things up.

    Do you feel that the Mormons who are Christians are such because of their theology or in spite of it? (Same question for dwelling eternally with Christ.)

  4. Nick,

    I think that mormons who are Christians and who will dwell eternally w/the Godhead, in terms of "both/and" not "either/or". That is, they may be Christian both because of and in spite of some of their views. For instance, they may believe that Jesus is the one and only Christ, the one and only savior, etc. but they may not have every theological detail right. This is where it gets tough because it gets around to that old question: How theologically correct does one have to be to be a Christian? In short, my answer is: One is a true Christian if they believe in and are in a love-relationshipo with the Triune God (of course, certain other beliefs are presupposed once a person testifies that this is their belief). In this case, then, those who are mormon, must also subscribe to the Trinity, which, in my opinion is "THE" centerpiece and foundation of the Christian faith and Church.

  5. "In this case, then, those who are mormon, must also subscribe to the Trinity, which, in my opinion is "THE" centerpiece and foundation of the Christian faith and Church."

    I would agree that the Trinity is the centerpiece of the Christian faith (with Christ as the centerpiece of the Trinity ;^D).

    Are you familiar with the Mormon view (at least according to Mormonism's apotles & prophets) on the Trinity? If not, you might be shocked to find out what they believe about it.