SBL: The Night My Bookshelves Came Alive

For the most part, it has been an incredible day. Tonight, though, was one of the best experiences I've had at SBL yet. Indeed, when I walked into a certain undisclosed hotel room, and as was said in a conversation with someone there, "my bookshelves came to life." For starters, I rode the elevator up to the room with one of my biblical heroes: Jerome Neyrey. Also on the elevator was Richard Rohrbaugh, his wife and Eric Stewart. When we walked into the room, there sat Bruce Malina and John Pilch eating Tostitos and salsa. I proceeded to have a long, fulfilling conversation with Doug Oakman (who, after all of his cancer treatments, looks great!) and met many other people whom I could go on and on about. Exciting times! I was so busy shaking hands that I didn't have time to snap any pictures (though, somehow, Bruce Malina managed to get a picture of myself and Mrs. Oakman together). Hopefully, I'll get some good pictures tomorrow.

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