So Long San Diego

I am back in the Bluegrass state now (KY). It’s good to be home. SBL was a great time but my goodness, it was quite tiring. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting many of my fellow bloggers and making some new friendships. I also got to meet so many Bible scholars that I really admire. While I cannot list everyone, it was great to meet Jerome Neyrey, Bruce Malina, John Pilch, Dennis Duling, Doug Oakman, Richard Rohrbaugh, Scott Bartchy, Mark Goodacre, Warren Carter and many others. I appreciated all of the encouragement from those who offered it.

I am also excited about finishing up this semester and getting into some of the books I purchased. Speaking of books, I should be receiving many in the mail in the days to come (gotta love it!).

I was sorry that I didn’t get to see much of San Diego itself but oh well (I did get a couple of good aerial views when landing and taking off). I’ve already registered and reserved my room in Boston for next year’s meeting—I’m already looking forward to it as I hope to meet more new people, see friends, buy cheap books and present a paper. Anyways, I would encourage those of you interested in the meeting next year to register right now because it is dirt cheap (I only had to pay $50).

For now, though, it is so long San Diego! It’s great to be back home with the wife and daughter!

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