Heard A Good KJV Only Sermon Lately? Here's One...

Honestly, I didn't know that these types of preachers still existed but here's the proof (interestingly, from a metropolitan congregation based out of Lexington, KY), click the following link to listen: Ed Laurena. For the good stuff go to the 18 minute marker and listen from there (but only for a few minutes, any more than that will drive you to do something very mean). Anyways, listen to the crowd in the background too, if this doesn't make your stomach turn, I don't know what will!


  1. Wow. That was instructive. I didn't realize that King James ruled from the time of Nehemiah until the 1600's. That's amazing. He lived longer than Methuselah. :-)

  2. Didn't you know Jesus spoke King James?