SBL Pick-Up Lines

The day before yesterday, I saw a guy hitting on a woman here at SBL. I couldn't help but be amused at the way he went about it. So, it got me thinking and this post is the result, enjoy!

1. Is that a book in your tote or are you just happy to see me?

2. Wanna do dinner and a lecture?

3. I know where we can rent a rickshaw really cheap!

4. Has anyone ever told you that you're stacked like the shelves over at the Eisenbrauns booth?

5. I don't normally introduce myself this way but you should know that I'm a bibliophile.

6. I may have gotten 30% off this book but you've turned me 30% on.

7. So beautiful, what's the best Hebrew grammar?

8. You're looking lexy.

9. Are your feet hurting cause...geez, mine are really killing me.

10. I helped a homeless guy earlier.

11. My nickname around here is Exhibit Hall A.

12. Show me your hermeneutic and I'll show you my homiletic.

13. AAR or SBL?

14. You must be staying at the Maryhott!

15. Your suit pants make me think eschatalogically, that is, of end-times.

16. Girl, you best redact that thang up!

17. Don't go near that tree, you'll get midrash.

18. If I were a source critic, you'd be my starting point.

19. My 5 love languages are: Greek, Hebrew, Latin, German and French, what are yours?

20. I'm a post-colonial feminist operating out of a GLBT hermeneutic with an eye towards medieval anthropological studies and patriarchy within patristic texts, oh, and I attend an ivy league school, just in case you didn't see my name tag, hat and t-shirt that tell you where I go to school.

21. If it aint King James baby, it aint a date.

22. I'll take you on a date that's theologically fulfilling. What do you say?


  1. Number four works every time. Seriously. I've used it many times and its never failed.

    These three have also worked for me:

    Baby, you should see the size of my curriculum vitae.

    I think that you could be the "Epic" in my "Gilgamesh."

    You don't want to go out with a bad boy like me. I tell you I'm trouble, baby. There's not a library this side of the Mississippi that I haven't been thrown out of.

  2. Jon,

    love the cv joke, that's my fav. or the ones you listed. thanks for stopping by!

  3. I wouldn't discount those lines; #2 worked for my husband. ::feeling nerdy::

  4. amy,

    ...and my humor is your reality, (open mouth insert foot) talk about someone feeling nerdy!