Touched Down in San Diego

Well, I finally made it to San Diego and after a long morning of flights, it's good to be here. The first photo is a shot I snapped as we were entering Salt Lake City, Utah. I'd never been there before, so, it was an interesting first for me. After I made the connecting flight in SLC, I was on my way to San Diego. However, due to a lot of fog and low visibility, when the aircraft was 20 minutes out, it was delayed. So, we spent 45-minutes circling a pond out in the middle of the Nevada desert. That was awful. Still, it wasn't as bad as the guy who snored for 3 and 1/2 hours on the first flight! Anyways, we were diverted from San Diego and had to make a stop in Ontario, California to refuel. Hours later, I arrived. Right next to the hotel is Padres stadium, as you can see in photo two. Anyways, it's been a long day and I'm just glad to be at SBL / AAR. I'm excited for some good lectures and discussions. I'm off to hear Chris Seitz speak tonight and I have a full day planned tomorrow. I'll post when I can.

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