It's Election Day...

It's Election Day and I feel like I've lost complete faith in the American political system. Honestly, I'm not sure if I'd let a single one of these politicians come into my home. However, for the last 4, 5 or 6 months they have been barging their way in via their mud-slinging advertisements. These candidates, who are supposed to be serving the people and edifying the nation, do nothing but cut one another down. I can't speak for everyone but when I am constantly hearing about are the skeletons in every politician's closet, I cannot help but distrust the system. Why don't these candidates ever talk about what their opponent has done right and how, if they win, they'll build on that foundation? Why all of the put-downs? Why not work together? Why not listen to and serve the people? As it stands, I'm sick of it!

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  1. You're right. This campaign was ugly.
    May God bless our leadership, and may we as His Church take the lead in being His representatives on Earth.