A Beginning Blogger: New Feature

This month I am adding a new feature to Pisteuomen: A Beginning Blogger. As a fairly new blogger myself (I've only been doing this 5 and 1/2 months), I realize how tough it is to get people to visit your site, comment, add you to their blogroll, etc. Now, I've done a lot to make my blog both resource and user-friendly and I believe that's contributed to its success but it might have also helped if some more well-known persons helped draw attention to Pisteuomen. Well, with the conviction that the biblio-blogosphere is not about constantly catering to the egos of a select few or having to be around for years in order to make it (among other things, like creating a resourceful, edifying online community), I thought I'd add this feature. That said, there are a few guidelines:

1. Your blog has to be less than 1 month old to be added to "A Beginning Blogger"

2. Your blog should be bible / theology oriented

3. Contact me (via Pisteuomen comment box) to let me know you're interested

Though this is in its trial stage, I do hope it proves to be a helpful addition to Pisteuomen. Who will be first?


  1. That sounds like a good idea to help out beginners.

  2. Hopefully some people will take me up on it. I would love to help out those just starting. Thanks, John.

  3. Hey Michael, thanks for leaving a comment over at my blog. I would love it if you would add me to the beginning blogger list.

  4. Hey Michael, I came on your blog to listen to your paper on Jesus baptism (it didn't work for me though :( ) and I also think you have alot of good thoughts (esp. on Mark) and provide great resources. But I stumbled across this New Feature and as a new blogger I wondered if I could bug you for some shameless self-promotion for my blog :) I am at www.thegoldenrule1.blogspot.com if you want to see if there is any stuff you are interested in. Thanks,

  5. Hey Michael, I'm not sure if this posted or not. But I have a blog I started around a month ago called, Christ, My Redeemer. If you wouldn't mind, would you perhaps help me out with some promotion?

    Grace and peace,