A Shout Out To Wipf & Stock

I'd like to thank Wipf & Stock for their generosity. This morning I recieved Peter Craffert's social-science work The Life of A Galilean Shaman: Jesus of Nazareth in Anthropological-Historical Perspective. I heard Craffert speak at SBL and needless to say, I was unconvinced by his argument about the resurrection. However, he said some things that really sparked my interest in other areas. So, I am looking forward, in due time, to getting to this book. Thanks again, W&S.


  1. wow. If blogging more means that I get free books, then I should blog more.

  2. stephen,

    blogging more does help. but there is more to it than just blogging more. i think i'll post on this subject tomorrow, so, i'll save my comments for then. i'm glad you're becoming a regular reader of pisteuomen. by the way, i was excited when i read that you were going to teach in africa. that's great man!

    how did you get hooked up with that? do you get paid at all or do you have to completely fund your self? what classes are you teaching?

    i was thinking, "If i were going over to africa to teach next month, what books would i take?" I'd have such a hard time choosing!

  3. Well, you probably remember my brother, Nathan. He and his wife (and their new daughter) are missionaries in southern Zimbabwe. Nathan connected me to the Christian College in Harare (the capital, north-central Zimbabwe).

    I am paying for it almost completely by myself. Some people have donated, but mostly I am paying for it out of my money from preaching this last year.

    As far as classes go, I have no idea. I keep asking the college, and they haven't replied with any specifics. It's a very American thing to ask for all the details of things like this. I told them I could teach anything in the New Testament, especially the Gospels and Revelation. I also said I could teach an Systematic Theology 101 course.

    It is very hard to choose which books to take. Especially because most of the books that I am taking are being left for future students in the college's library. I am planing on using 100 of my 150 allowed pounds in baggage for books. But 100 pounds fills up fast!

  4. Stephen,

    I'm glad you're going to get to experience this. I'm sure you'll do well. Good for Nathan too. He and I played some music together in college, not a lot, but some. As far as the books, I can't argue there. But God bless you for leaving the books, I would have a hard time with that. Tell your brother Nathan hello.