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While Pisteuomen deals mainly with theological, Scriptural and cultural themed issues, once in a while I offer a post that doesn't exactly fit within those categories; this is one of those posts. In this brief post wanted to make a few "free" resources known to my readers, programs that I've found very useful and helpful. The first is an audio program called "Audacity". It is a recording studio program that allows you to create, record, edit, manipulate and compress audio files (e.g. render them into .wav or .mp3, midi files etc.). Prior to finding this resource I've always used Sonic Foundry / Vegas or Magix software. (I've created entire personal cut albums with these programs!) However, this open source software "Audacity" does the same job and then some. You can get it at the following link: Audacity Software.

In addition to the audio software, I'd also like to recommend some photo editing programs. Recently, I've removed Adobe Photoshop (which I've used for nearly 10 years!) and have replaced it with two other programs: Draw Plus 4.0 and Bryce 5.5. Both of these programs are entirely free and have many free plug-ins that can be used with them. I must say that Bryce 5.5 is one of the neatest photo programs I've ever seen! It creates stillshots in 1 or 3d as well as 1 or 3d videos. Honestly, these are only two programs out of a list of about 50 free ones that I found. Yet, I highly recommend them. If you want to acquire these or other free, open-source programs, click the following link and make your choice: Free Photo Design / Editing Programs.

Hope some of this software finds its way on to your computer (and saves you some money)! Enjoy!

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