Biblical Studies Software

In addition to my previous post, I’d like to offer these references (just in case you’ve not heard of them). The first one is E-Sword. This is an interface that allows you to download Greek, Hebrew and English biblical texts and commentaries. It is completely free and is very user-friendly. However, as good as it is, I have currently stopped using E-Sword (though I still have it on my computer) and instead, I have begun using Bible Desktop. This program has all of the trappings of E-Sword and then some. You can get the Septuagint, some Latin works, German works (e.g. Luther’s commentaries), German and French Bibles, the Leningradensia, the Aleppo Codex and more. Seriously, there seem to be endless resources for this interface. Even if you use BibleWorks, Pradis or some other pricy software, you’ll want to download this too! To give you an idea, their motto is: “World class Bible software that doesn’t cost the earth.”

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