Can You Say "Michael Halcomb"?

So, all of my life, I've heard my name mispronounced and honestly, well, just butchered. I've often wondered, "Why in the world is it so hard to say Michael Halcomb and get it right?" Here's a tip: It is pronounced "Hal" as in the man's name, with an added "comb" which sounds like "come". Put them together and you get: Halcomb (kinda sounds like "How come?" but with an "l" instead of a "w"). It is not "Hall"come or "Hol"come but "Halcomb". Anyways, as if hearing it mispronounced at virtually every sporting event, awards banquet or graduation ceremony growing up wasn't enough, the search engines Yahoo and Google used to have their own way of botching my name. If one were to do a search on "Michael Halcomb" the results would always return with a "Did you mean Michael Holcomb?" However, things have changed! No longer do Yahoo & Google ask that dreaded question. Do a search on Michael Halcomb now and that is what you get, Michael Halcomb (though, for some reason Google does not have Pisteuomen in slot #1 as Yahoo and most other search engines do). Anyways, it's nice that cyberspace has finally got my name right! Can you say Michael Halcomb?


  1. its good to know i've been pronouncing your name correctly all along when i've read your posts.

  2. Mike,

    Glad somebody's got it right! Thanks for reading.