2 New Features On Pisteuomen

A few weeks ago I added a new feature to Pisteuomen that allowed those with visual impairments to easily access the site; they could simply listen to each post. This was also handy for podcasters; they could get each post on their ipods. Well, in addition to that feature, I have added 2 new ones. The first feature, located in the middle column at the top of this site allows persons to simply record their own reply to my posts (or to just leave a comment in general). All you have to do is hit the record button, select "allow" and then begin recording. When you're done, you can leave your email address and a comment or not. It's that easy. This feature is also handy for those with visual impairments. The second feature is quite similar. However, as opposed to simply leaving an audio reply, this feature allows viewers to leave a video reply (this, of course, requires a webcam). I will try this feature only temporarily, to see if it is worth keeping or not. To use this feature, look above the most recent post. There, you will see a collection of the latest podcasts. Select the one you want to listen to and comment on. When you're ready to comment, hit the red button. After this, you must select "allow". Then, if you're are a podcaster or are subscribed to my podcast, you can leave a video comment. With both features, I am sent the reply via email. Hope this helps some of you in navigating and interacting with me on Pisteuomen. --Michael

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